So you're interested in applying for a job....

When applying for a job you're interested in, it is important that your skills and experience listed on your resume match the description. At Full Suite Solutions our talented team of technical writers want to make sure that we present you at your best when submitting you for your desired job.

Reading the job description carefully and thoroughly is very important. There are mandatory skills that each employer requires a candidate to have. You may think you qualify for a certain position, but if you don't have the desired skills, you can forget about being considered. Which brings us to....

ALWAYS BE HONEST ON YOUR RESUME! For government and highly specialized technical jobs lying about your experience and skills can be very detrimental to your career. When working with Full Suite Solutions, we try to match you to the best position that you will qualify for. 

Most of the jobs we post require a specific type of government clearance. These clearances are deal breakers for the jobs that we post so make sure that you not only have the correct clearance but that it currently is active!

Acing Your Interviews

Here at Full Suite Solutions, we want our candidates to be at their absolute best before they go on their interviews.  It is very important to be well prepared before meeting with a customer.

Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

1. Review the job description and the matrix that we have filled out on your behalf.

2. Review common interview questions and prepare your responses.

3. Dress professionally for your interview. Wear neutral and basic colors. Do not wear strong cologne or perfume.

4. Bring extra copies of your resume just in case you will be meeting with more than one interviewer.

5. Be at least 10 minutes early to your interview.

6. Relax and act natural! You want your interview to be conversational than robotic.

7. Remember to sell yourself and your skills. Highlight your accomplishments and what you can do for the employer.

8. Remember your body language. Have good posture, maintain eye contact, and smile!

9. Have at least three insightful questions prepared to ask at the end of your interview.

Additional Sources

Check out Buzzfeed's article titled "21 Job Interview Tips Everyone Should Know" that will surely add value to your interview skills.

So you won't psych yourself out on your interviews, Business Insider offers "Psychological Interview Tips".

So now you know what to do in your interviews, but what about not what to do? At Forbes they have an excellent article titled "Please Don't Do These 9 Things in Your Interview".

Everyone at Full Suite Solutions is here to help you as well. With all these resources, you'll be an ace interviewer in no time!